It started on the trail

The idea for Earshot came when I wish it hadn’t...  I was training for a trail run called the T42, a run through New Zealand’s most amazing scenery.  I had just closed down a start-up I had been working on called ‘Weava’, we were trying to solve a problem that it turned out was rather obscure to the people I had hoped would pay for it.  I had gone back to work a day job and had a desire to take it a little easier...then 45mins into a trail headphones came loose...I put them back, five minutes later they came lose again, the sweat in my ears meant they weren’t really working...I put them back.  Ten minutes later, I leaped a creek, they came out again...I put them back, I hit the stairs, leaping two steps at a time, my headphones came out frustration, I stopped, killing my rhythm and put my headphones in my bag…


’have these electronics guys never run for more than five minutes in their life?’  

'have they tried their products anywhere other than a treadmill?'

‘Has anyone who designs these products ever actually tried to set a pace for a run and understand the focus required to maintain a speed per km?’

‘Don’t these guys realise how frustrating it is to have your focus disrupted because you are having to keep re-adjusting your headphones?’

This was what was going through my head as I continue to run…

I drove home and my brain thinking how do you solve do you have a set of headphones that simply just…

‘Stay where they are’

‘Feel weightless’

‘Anchors during even the most explosive and varied movement’

'I should be able to sweat buckets and they still stay in'

‘Never distracts me from achieving my goals and keeps my mindset in place’

I thought there must be a way...and started brainstorming