Just F*%#@ing DO IT!

After we attempted our first prototype...it failed miserably.   I was super down…


‘What was I doing with my life?’


‘Am I wasting my time?’


I decided to speak to a mentor of mine at the time, Richard Curtis.  He was a colleague and really understood what it took to turn an idea into a reality.  I remember distinctly sitting down with him over a coffee.  This was not an irregular thing between Richard and I.  I would often pontificate about this idea, the best way to approach it, how do I make sure it works, is it worth it...


‘Richard, so this has happened, the first prototype was s%^$, I am not sure whether I should keep going’ I said to him. 


His frustration with me was obvious, he was looking down at the floor, rubbing his forehead between his fingers and thumb, leg jiggling… he looked at me with an intense stare..


‘Just F^&*^&*^ DO IT’


That sticks with me to this day.   Thanks Dr Richard Curtis!