Idea - Prototype - Kickstarter


We need your help.  We are getting ready to launch our product and need your help to get our product manufactured and out to people around the world. READ ON IF YOU ARE UP FOR IT!  People talk about how it takes three years to make an overnight success...they were right!!

We started back in early 2015, with a problem; I was training for a trail run, it was called the T42 and is set in the picturesque Tongariro national park in New Zealand.   Training runs always started with getting the gear together, one of the pieces of gear was headphones and phone for music.  What I got frustrated by was this:

  • Too much fiddling around with headphone set up...bands on arms, fiddly fitting of headphones and the many 'sizes' of tiny components to fit my ears
  • Cords constantly getting pulled on or yanked during warm ups or the other activities that go on while trail running or mountain biking
  • Constant doubt that the headphones are not stable in the ears
  • Painful earbuds I have to drill into my ears to get them to stay

We just wanted to make something that you PUT ON AND FORGET THEY ARE EVEN THERE.


So we got building and invented the Magnetic Shock Lock system.   This system is a WORLDS FIRST and uses magnets in the earbud and the arm to secure the headphones to your ears.  It has taken us hundreds of prototypes, thousands of hours of testing time, many sore ears, hundreds of discussions and testing sessions with various athletes and we finally cracked it.  



We need help.  We have bootstrapped (spent all our own money) our way to this point where we have nailed the Shock Lock system and the design of the product.  But being two lads from New Zealand, both with day jobs and working on this on the side, we need your help.  We are launching a Kickstarter campaign that gives people a chance to pre-purchase our headphones.  By pre-purchasing you are providing us the much needed money we need to get our first batch of headphones made and out to customers.