Keep coffee cups out of landfill

Takeaway coffee cups are a real problem.  It is super awesome that there are new technologies that mean the takeaway cups are biodegradable or recyclable.  BUT, in order for them to break down they have to end up in the recycling system or the system needed for them to bio-degrade.  Unfortunately, we mostly end up putting our takeaway coffee cups in the rubbish where they end up with all the other the landfill.  

At Earshot we are trying our best to have as little waste as possible and be as carbon neutral as we can.  SOOOO, at Earshot we all have Keepcups.  I am pretty stoked that I can say that I have used under 5 takeaway coffee cups since the start of 2017.  I have been known on the odd occasion to ask a barista to clean my cup for me.  Or, if I am on a roadtrip and 30 minutes in, turn around to get my Keep Cup.

We want to play the long game with the environment, so please join us!

James - Co-founder of Earshot