Kickstarter is live!!

Wow we have made it to Kickstarter and we are super excited.  Check us out here

A massive thanks to all the people who have contributed to us getting to this point...

  • Our advisory team...
    • Sharon Bryant
    • Lucy Leahy
    • Al Monro
    • Ross Jenkins
    • Ben Wilde
  • My Dad, Mark, for his constant inspiration and brand/comms ideas...Earshot was his idea!
  • James Simpson and Elle Bryant from, always pushing, but at the same time understanding the journey
  • BCC, the best business incubator around.  The support they have provided us has been amazing. 
  • My family, Steph and Tom, for putting up with the crazyness 
  • All the people who have given up their valuable time to test and give feedback on the product:
    • Krista Jensen, Sheree Horvath, John Miller, Jesse Bailey, Sam Drummond, Ross Tunmer, Anna Gregory, Dan Popata, Bryn Dickerson, Ben Wilde, Leah Moana Mataira, Darci Brostow, Jono  Kennedy