Let’s play…our how-to details are all below!

In our effort to be zero waste, all our how-to guides are online and right here. Hopefully this is easier for the chargers out there, but also reduces the production of paper and inks and hence reduce waste. (Enviro spotlight: even vegetable inks are made from soy, which is the crop that the Amazon is destroyed to grow)

1. Press and hold the buttons on the side of Earshots for 5 seconds

2. Watch for the flashing blue lights

3. When ready to connect to your device, one of the Earshots will flash red & blue

1. Open your settings on the device

2. Select Bluetooth

3. Search for new bluetooth devices

4. Select ‘Earshot’

1. Grab the Earshot by the arm, before the earbud or red part

2. Place the red earbud into your ear, tucking the earbud in over the ear canal

3. Slide the arm of the Earshot over and down the back of your ear

4. Line up the little line on the arm of the Earshot, with the earbud

5. Pull your ear away from your head so the magnet can sit snugly against your ear

1. Place Earshots in the right holder

2. Ensure the Earshots are positioned correctly, sometimes they might need to be lightly moved until you see the red lights turn on

3. Red lights mean charging

1. Single tap the button on the back of an Earshot

2. Single tap either left or right Earshot to pause audio