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Dig into the specs...

earSHOTS Magnetic Ear Clip means they will NEVER fall off, get loose or distract riders and runners.  They are the perfect balance between comfort and a secure hold on ears. 

Dig into the specs...

"Earshots are great for my warm-ups and climbs, because once on, they never distract me or get loose and I love that"

Sam Blenkinsop - Norco Downhill MTB Team

Sam Blenkinsop - Norco Downhill MTB Team

  • 20 hours of power

  • Solo mode

  • Make & take calls

  • Bluetooth enabled

Stream your sounds
Stream your sounds

Crush that climb with bluetooth streaming of your favourite tunes, podcasts or audiobooks.

Stream your sounds

An ear to the ground. Another on the sound

earSHOTS solo mode:  use one ear only for when riding & running with friends.

Magnetic Ear Clip

Designed in response to the massive frustration caused  by headphones that fall out, dislodge and distract during the tough climbs, fastest descents and biggest back flips.

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earSHOTS kit

We keep our footprint to a minimum, so in the kit you get from us you will find:  

- L & R earSHOT

- Self charging case

- Micro-USB charging cable.

earSHOTS kit

Tech Specs

  • Connectivity

    Bluetooth 4.2

  • earSHOTS onboard controls

    Audio - play/pause; next track; previous track

    Phone calls - answer call; reject call; hang up

    Power on/off

  • Charging case connector


  • earSHOTS battery

    earSHOTS: up to 4 hours of listening time on a single charge

  • earSHOTS Self Charging Case battery

    4 full charges of earSHOTS or 16 hours of ride/run time

  • Audio

    Driver size: 10.2mm

    Impedance: 65 Ohm

    Output Max: 4mW (0.5V)

    Response bandwidth: 20Hz -5kHz

    T.H.D <3%,300-3K;0.25V,<1.5% 1kHz

    S.P.L 103+-3dB with IEC-318, at 1mW(0.25V),1KHz