Bryn Dickerson

Wellington trail legend and mountain biking charger


Bryn rides for love and spreads the love through his coaching clinic Fluid Lines. Bryn recently rode in Europe and was in a crazy accident that saw him crash breaking ribs, legs and getting generally smashed.

Bryn has been involved in Earshot since the start of our journey and that is why we are stocked to call him one of our affiliates.

Every set of Earshot you buy here supports Bryn to reach his goal of getting back to European world champs next year!


Fluid lines

Fluid lines is Bryn’s coaching business and he coaches young and old to enjoy the trails around Wellington, NZ.

Bryn’s favourite coaching tips are:

  • Go hard

  • Jump high

  • Push harder

Check out this clip that Bryn made with his buddy Jerom in Wellington New Zealand

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