FIRST LOOK: Gen3 smaller earbuds with multi-size tips

August 10

One of the most frequent pieces of feedback from our users is, "can you make the earbud smaller and in multiple sizes?".   Well the answer to that is yes! 

Before you check out the pictures, here is a brief description of the impossible challenges our engineering and design team had to over come...

  • Challenge 1:
    • MagFit technology requires us to have a magnet in the earbud.  This already puts a huge challenge in front of us because we have to make space for the magnet and provide space for the speaker and other componentry
  • Challenge 2:
    • Speakers have magnets in them...that is what makes them vibrate to create sound waves.  By making the earbud smaller, we would have to get our MagFit magnet AND the speaker much closer together...if the two magnets interfere with each other it will dramatically decrease the audio experience
  • Challenge 3:
    • Keep the zero pressure comfort of Earshots sitting nicely on the edge of the ear canal.

However, WE HAVE DONE IT!  Through thousands of hours of research and technology development we have figured out how to make the Earshots earbud much smaller AND provide multiple sizes AND make the audio quality world class.

Check out some pics below...REMEMBER...there is more design work ongoing to making Earshots even smaller and more comfortable still.  The images below are just a brief progress update...

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