Where do I find the earSHOTS Instructions and Fit guides?

  • In our effort to be zero waste, all our instructions and fit guides are provided at www.earshots.com/pages/lockandload 
  • Alternatively you can print all our instructions by downloading this PDF document

Are magnets safe to use around the head?

  • Yes, people have been wearing magnetic earrings for a long time.  A simple Google search for 'magnetic earrings' will show that having magnets close to the head has been around for a long time. 
  • Magnets are completely safe around the head and ears.  The majority of science and research has been researching the positive impacts magnets can have on the brain.  Some links to articles and stories are below:

What countries are earSHOTS available in?

  • earSHOTS can be shipped to any country in the world, but earSHOTS will not be liable for any earSHOTS that go missing in the post.  This is something customers will need to address directly with the post/freight company. 

Are earSHOTS bone conducting?

  • earSHOTS are not bone conducting.  The earbud sits over the ear canal, but not in the ear canal.