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  • Progression keeps us alive

    (This blog is contributed by earSHOTS founder James Bell-Booth) We are at the dawn of a new day in earSHOTS journey and I'm itching to show the wor...
  • Rest and reset for enduro rider Rae Morrison

    After the ups of the Enduro World Series it’s down time for pro enduro rider Rae Morrison.

  • Tāne Toa: A warrior on the World Circuit

    Tuhoto Ariki Pene’s feet and wheels are back on Aotearoa soil after competing on the world downhill circuit. He made his mark on the elite riders and made some friends along the way.

  • Two professional riders, four walls and a bike: Surviving MIQ

    Pro downhill rider Sam Blenkinsop isn’t one to sit around, so when he had to do his second stint in MIQ, he had to be creative with how not to go nuts.
  • Running through life’s hills and flats - Rob Bathgate

    “Everybody has a different reason to run”, Rob Bathgate, ponders. For him it’s a time to let his head space expand just as much as his lungs. It’s ...
  • A way of life: Wyn Masters

    “It’s a tough road to making it to be a pro rider and every little bit helps.”
    Wyn is basically a two wheel addict, loves everything about the sport and will be riding as long as he can, “riding and getting out every day is key to my happiness.”
  • Young gun with a competitive edge: Cassie Voysey

    “I always listen to music or motivational speeches when I train. The earbuds I had fell out all the time but EarSHOTS stay in, which is great, they are the best headphones for riding. Plus, they hardly ever need charging.”
  • SPOKE: earSHOTS Review

    EarSHOTS has come into the game strong and decisive with an offering that is extremely well finished and leaves you thinking, why aren’t more products this intuitive to use and maintain.
  • Customer review: The release of the ride: Nate Kennedy (Brisbane, Australia)

    Nate says when he first checked out earSHOTS he liked the backstory of them being invented by a rider who was fed-up with earphones not being up to the task. “That makes them different. They fit so well, they never move and they do what they need to do with the best sound. It’s just effortless with earSHOTS.”
  • Sky News Australia: earSHOTS Review

    We were stoked to see earSHOTS, the best bluetooth earphones for sport, feature on Sky News Sport in Australia this weekend.  Check out the segment...
  • IMBIKE Mag: earSHOTS Review

    The four hour use time is long enough for most rides, and the sleek charging case and build give you that quality feel. Definitely a thumbs up from us.
  • Moving up the ranks: Luke Meier-Smith

    “it’s just so awesome riding with your mates, going fast and pushing your limits. I’d rather that than being a normal person working nine to five. I just want to ride my bike and I love pushing myself, that’s the drive.”