Rainbows and Metal - The Creative Mind of Emma Olofsson

April 19


Emma Olofsson is originally from the South of Sweden where the grounds are flat and no mountain biking scene is to be found. A creative at heart, Emma spent her younger years doing crafts and DIY projects to keep herself busy. Bored of living in Sweden, she jetted off to seek a more exhilarating lifestyle, after a quick pitstop in Australia (which she didn’t like too much), she found herself in Queenstown, “the best place on Earth,” Emma describes. 

Five years later and she is still loving the incredible mountain biking scene in Queenstown. By day, she works at the Ferg Bar and when she finishes her shift at 4 pm, it’s onto the tracks before they close. “I can get two hours of lapping in after work, but I’ve recently got an e-bike, so even if I’m really tired, I can still get in a decent ride.” Everyone knows everyone who mountain bikes down in Queenstown, “No matter what trail I go to, I’ll always run into people I know.”    

Emma has always been interested in photography, videography and social media, naturally leading to her passion for content creation in the mountain biking space. “If I don’t have a project, I’ll find something to work on, I always have to be doing something,” she laughs. Emma enjoys having full creative scope, often being the director, model and editor for her Earshots photoshoots. Her recently announced signature collection with Loose Riders has allowed her to express her unique style - a style that sits at two extremes, this collection is all pink and rainbows but she’s really keen to let loose on her “black and metal” side too. Keep an eye on her Instagram for an upcoming giveaway featuring the new range.  

Earshots have been powering Emma’s downhill pursuits since 2020. Before us, she used to rock the cord earphones, but they’d always fall out when she got sweaty. Having tried and tested both versions, Emma is really excited about the all new Earshots. “Sound and connectivity have been the most noticeable differences for me. The bass is great with the new earphones, and they connect to my phone as soon as I pull them out of the case which is really handy.”

Safety is a really important factor to consider when mountain biking, “most riders don’t like listening to music downhill so they can hear their bike and anything else going on around them,” she explains. But with Earshots non occluded earbuds that have been designed for the outdoors, “the sound quality is perfect, and you can still hear what’s going on around you.” Emma feels very comfortable wearing Earshots whilst riding, and says, “music 100% gets me in the zone and helps me perform better.” 

Looking ahead to 2022, Emma is keen to continue to push female mountain biking in her content, because “girls can ride just as good as guys,” she chuckles. Another big goal for her is to get on the front cover of a Biking Magazine, “it’s been my dream for a while,” so she is looking forward to making that happen this year.