Tailwind gets behind earSHOTS

February 03

Check out what Mark Drew thinks of earSHOTS, his plans for the upcoming racing season and how he found himself participating in his first Ultra. 
Mark Drew is probably better known as the name and face of Tailwind Nutrition NZ and ZeroTwenty2sportsco distribution with wife Fibi. In 1999 Mark left South Africa and while his friend stopped off in Australia, Mark carried on to find his home in NZ. Although heading back to Australia over the years to visit his mate and run a few half marathons, Mark always saw himself as more of a cyclist and mountain biker than a runner, having been riding for over 15 years, in places we can only dream of now such as the Himalayas and US.

That all changed recently when some good old fashioned peer pressure encouraged him to sign up to his first ultra and longest run; the 62km Wuu-2k event in 2019. Since then he has committed to the trail running life, helped of course by the supply of Tailwind nutrition he distributes across the country. Mark has a jam packed race schedule for the next few months, heading to an event to compete or represent Tailwind almost every weekend. So keep an eye out for him, he’s hard to miss with bright tattoos and run kit! He’ll be at Port Hills Ultra on 30th January, Coast to Coast on 12-13th Feb (we will be there too), Old Ghost Ultra on 20th Feb and the Prospector MTB stage race 12-14th March just to name a few!

A chance meeting at the Whaka 100 event got Mark in touch with earSHOTS, and ever keen to check out a new kiwi business he gave them a go. Now, 90% of his runs involve earSHOTS Bluetooth headphones, listening to podcasts and audio books to make the miles go by. earSHOTS bluetooth headphones have revolutionised his run to town, with solo mode allowing removal of one ear piece to have an ear on the sound, another on the ground listening for traffic and keeping him safe. Using earSHOTS bluetooth headphones when riding tends to be on the stationary bike or for the long gravel grinds and uphill slogs, preferring full concentration with a soundtrack of whooping and hollering on the gnarly descents.

Mark loves the NZ community vibes and is keen to support a new local business, proving to the world that Kiwi’s can do it too!
“earSHOTS bluetooth headphones are easy to use, have a good fit, great quality and they are easy to deal with”
We look forward to catching up with Mark and you at Coast2Coast in a few weeks.