A way of life: Wyn Masters

September 27

Wyn Masters is a been there - done that - and is still doing it kind of a mountain bike rider. He has been competing since he was a teenager and is a known face on the world circuit. 

Taranaki born and bred, Wyn brings his own brand of Kiwi humour to the World Cup, interviewing riders in a way that elbows out some personality.
“I do a post-race show, a semi-serious but half joking interview, then I’ve got a ‘Wheelie Wednesday’ thing where I basically do a wheelie video. I still put everything into the racing and I’m pretty focussed on the training. I do more than less, most of the time, and probably put too much into it just because I enjoy it so much.”

Wyn is based in the UK now and has chased his dream of being a pro rider for over a decade. After starting out by making his own way to the Europe season on a teeny budget, he secured his place in the US team, GT Factory Racing, in 2015.
“They reached out to me and it went from there. Most of the racing is in Europe and we travel to all the races. It’s a good lifestyle and there isn’t anything else I’d rather be doing. I’m avoiding having a normal job quite well.”

WynTV wasn’t a massively planned out venture, say Wyn, rather something that just happened, “I started doing my own videos in about 2001 and then it has just grown each year and has become what it is now.”

“What I do is quite different but I have kind of found my own place. Everyone knows me and some people took a while to warm to my approach but now everyone is up for a laugh so it’s all good.”

Wyn gives insight into the riders personalities and because he is riding beside them, he says they open up to him.
“They respect that you do the same as them, rather than being someone that has just watched. They are competitive and they generally don’t give much away, but I get them to show their personality. I try to stir things up a bit.”

Wyn is all about the sport and says earSHOTS bluetooth headphones fit in with his ethos on riding and also his way of life.

He liked the Kiwi ingenuity behind the earSHOTS true wireless earbuds and uses them for all his training rides. “They are the best earbuds for riding, especially on the road bike because they don’t block out all the background noise so I won’t get run over - that would probably go viral.
I listen to a bit of everything and anything really, pop or 80’s rock, a wide mix.”

Wyn supports other riders who are making it out on their own and through a fundraiser page, he gives an award to the fastest privateer at downhill World Cups and the Enduro World Series.
“It’s a tough road to making it to be a pro rider and every little bit helps.”

Wyn is basically a two wheel addict, loves everything about the sport and will be riding as long as he can, “riding and getting out every day is key to my happiness.”