Customer review - Stepping up to the challenge: Sheree Phillips

May 20

Sheree Phillips has been part of the earSHOTS journey since day dot. This former Black Sticks hockey player can confidently tell you how comfortable the sport headphones are because she had a say in the design of the very first prototype. 

She was training for a marathon back then, channeling her competitive nature into doing the hard yards and the long kms. Sheree would report back on what worked and what didn’t and so now when she runs, and her earSHOTS  best bluetooth headphones sit just right, she can take some credit. 

“Comfort is so important. If something isn’t right then it just makes everything harder.”

Sheree still plays social and competitive hockey for her Palmerston North family club, College Hockey and her ties to the club run deep, “it’s special, my parents are lifetime members and we are all very involved.”

She has two kids, 9-year-old Scout and 7-year-old Atlas and yes, they play multiple sports all year round. Sheree is a teacher at Te Au Rere a te Tonga, the youth justice residences in Palmerston North, a job where, she says, she does her absolute best to give youth what they need to move forward. Sheree is a busy woman and her love of staying fit now has to maneuver around a full life. Running, she says, is something that works.

“Running suits my life, I can do 30 minutes, get changed and be onto something else. I go to the gym a little bit but I prefer to just chuck my gears on and go for a run. It’s something you can do any time of the day.”

After playing competitive and top level hockey for a big chunk of her life Sheree enjoys having new challenges lined up.

“It’s about setting goals again. I need more and I need to push myself. Being someone with a competitive nature I like to have challenges, both physically and mentally. It's the adrenalin.”

The Spring Challenge is the new big thing looming large on Sheree’s training schedule. This is a bike, run, kayak team event with some navigation chucked in for good measure. Sheree admits that kayaking isn’t something she has done much of, but in her life, comfort zones are there to be smashed. 

“So yeah, it’s time to get my training gears on. Spring will come around pretty quick, it always seems to.”

The earSHOTS bluetooth headphones go in and from her home in central Palmerston North, Sheree usually heads to the Manawatū River or up to Massey University. earSHOTS are her faithful companions and her playlist grows all the time as she adds tunes with a good tempo and beat. 

“I use earSHOTS when I go biking and running. They are the best bluetooth headphones out there and I always have them. They are great, I find them comfortable and they are good and easy to use. The batteries seem to last forever - I very rarely have to charge them - maybe that means I’m not doing enough training,” Sheree pauses then laughs, “I’d be Forrest Gump if I ran till the batteries went dead!”