Customer Spotlight: earSHOTS fueling the stoke up the steep Mt Oxford

March 17

When his old trusty headphones finally gave up, Taye was recommended to try earSHOTS Bluetooth headphones. After a bit of research he was convinced to give our award winning headphones a go. Using mostly solo mode, Taye is out 6 days a week at any opportunity; well when you are training for some big ultra events, you have to, and earSHOTS Bluetooth headphones gives him that extra motivation. The magnetic ear clip technology allows earSHOTS Bluetooth earbuds to stay connected to his ears, while solo mode allows Taye to stay connected to work and family.

A demanding job as a police officer and a childhood spent growing up on the rugged West coast, Taye is drawn to the surrounding mountains of Christchurch. He loves the simplicity of trail running and the mental break and stress relief that come with it.

“Its just you, the trail and your favourite tunes”

Paired with his Garmin watch to stream an eclectic and diverse playlist, earSHOTS are a true wireless earbud experience that you can just set and forget. Taking every opportunity he can to get out to the hills, the self charging case means he is always ready to go, favouring the steep and technical trails on Mount Oxford, over long road miles. Then, when he’s done, earSHOTS, with
their magnetic clip technology, fit securely to his running vest, for friendly catch ups at the trail head.

Taye has a busy schedule planned for 2021; which kicked off with Old Ghost Ultra on 20th February, followed by the Oxford Odyssey Marathon in April, South Island Ultra in May, then a bit of recovery before tacking the gruelling Reefton Resilience Ultra in August. Taye loves a good challenge and the events serve as a great source of motivation.