The power of sound - an introduction

February 01

We believe that sound is the most powerful sense humans have.  Our mission is to use sound to make humanity healthier mentally and physically.

As an introduction to our theme on the Power of Sound series we are sharing interesting research that demonstrates this power.  To start this off, we will share a short summary line of what researchers are looking at and provide the reference for you to read in your own time.

Natural sounds can improve mood and attention

A researcher in the UK is studying the effect of bird song can improve mood and attention.  Read more here.

Music could help distract us from pain in training

Music has been shown to be an external and distracting stimulus that could help us cope with pain.  Researchers are working hard to understand how this works in more detail.  Read more here.

Music can help us find more of our inner physical strength

Researchers at the University of Kansas are looking into how music could help people find and utilise more strength than they original thought they had.  Read more here.

Listening to music while you are active could be strengthening your brain and your body

Research is beginning to show that music gives the brain exercise as well.  When we exercise and listen and listen to music at the same time, we doubling the benefits of that time spent.  Read more here.