Earshots a ray of sunshine cyclone clean up mission

May 09

The crew at Earshots wireless earbuds were blown away to receive an email from a customer in the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand.  The email read:

"Hi Friend's at Earshots!
Just letting you know how utterly outstanding the Earshots I purchased for my husband are!
We are based in Hawke's Bay and lost our home to the recent cyclone... fortunately my husband's new Earshots wireless earbuds survived and having them has been a godsend! They are the best as they aren't super fiddly to use, they stay put and the audio through them is crystal clear, they are a necessary piece of kit!
 It might seem trivial but having lost all our possessions they have been a little bit of sunshine in each day as they haven't missed a beat despite what they have seen and the thrashing they are getting as he has been hard at work cleaning up and shoveling silt! For him to be able to have music in his ears while working and playing and the ability to relax with an audiobook it has been a godsend!! Well done on a fantastic product!!"

The customer went on to say:

"Thankful for small mercies like good sounds (and headphones that don't fall out or need to be tampered with regularly to stay comfortable while you have mucky hands are a godsend!)"

The team at Earshots is pouring blood, sweat and sound into making a truly transformative sound experience for people who are getting the work done.  Feedback like this gives the energy to keep going.

If you would like the source for the customer feedback contact emily@earshots.com