Winning anything, takes BLOOD, SWEAT & SOUND

November 16

We have a saying at earSHOTS bluetooth headphones, winning anything in life takes BLOOD, SWEAT & SOUND.  This weekend we won gold at the prestigious Best Awards, which celebrate great design in a number of fields.  We won in the consumer product category.  Unfortunately I couldn't be there, but I was stoked that some of the crew were, including Johnelle, who leads our marketing, and the team from 4Design, who have been an amazing design partner for us. 

Winning gold in anything, from a World Series downhill, enduro or mountain run...takes total dedication, graft, commitment, perseverance and always a smattering of luck.  I thought it would be cool to show some of our journey, which started over 6 years ago this month.   All the way a long, I took photos of what I was working on sitting at my kitchen table, or in the garage and out on the trails.  So I thought the best way to show this was showing those photos, but also showing the accompanying hair loss that has gone on with this journey! 

earSHOTS journey in photos


December 2014 (Day 0).  Terrible concept that didn't work at all.  

April 2015: James learns how to mould with plastic...but doing a terrible job

Jan 2015: Combining mouldable plastic and epoxy...starting to make progress

Mar 2016: Starting to get clever by using polystyrene to mould the plastic around. 

Jul 2016: Taking the concept to the hills.  We were ripping apart old MP3 players and retro fitting our magnetic system

August 2017 Check this out for a prototype!! It worked for a whole half marathon too! 

September 2016: Now we are getting clever by 3D printing the hook behind the ear

January 2017: Really close to nailing the core shapes and magnetic system.  These worked too...with onboard memory. 

October 2018 Our first true working prototypes with Bluetooth

Jan 2019 "I think we may need to make it smaller"

And then this weekend, thanks to the amazing support from the earSHOTS crew, riders, customers, partners we have the below...

We have an exciting journey ahead, but we know there will be a lot more Blood, Sweat & Sound along the way!