4 x World Champ warms up with Earshots

May 29

The Earshots crew were stoked to see that the four time world camp Greg Minnaar got his hands on some Earshots and was trying them out during his warm up at Fort William.  Having launched Earshots in April 2020, the crew was stoked that within two years we were in the hands of the GOAT being part of his warm up routine. 

It's not surprising to see more and more riders using sound as a way to get them in the zone.  Earshots has been following the literature closely to begin to explore the true potential of sound on our brains.   Already science is pointing to the positive impacts of self selected music (SSM) on explosive power.  Read more about that here. 

Greg joins a raft of other UCI downhill riders using Earshots to power the sound of their training including Rae Morrison, Wyn Masters and Luke Meier Smith.