earSHOTS goes the distance with Coast to Coast

February 09

 The long established Coast to Coast race, taking competitors from Kumara Beach on the West Coast of the South Island to New Brighton Beach in Christchurch, is renowned in the multi-sport world as one of the toughest one day challenges, earning the fastest runner-biker-kayaker the crown of World Multi-sport Champion.
This year earSHOTS will be there supporting our athletes and cheering everyone on.
A chance meeting with athlete Dave Jaggs, of Beyond Fitness in Tauranga inspired us to get behind this iconic event. Dave has been using earSHOTS throughout his training and preparation on his runs, bike rides and even on the water in his kayak.
The magnetic ear clip technology ensures earSHOTS Bluetooth headphones never move or dislodge from his ears no matter what activity Dave is doing. Finishing top 10 in the mountain run event last year, Dave is going the full distance for 2021. 
Come see the crew at Coast to Coast, we will be based at the start line in Greymouth, Klondyke Corner at Arthurs Pass and at the finish line in Christchurch. 
Plus stay tuned for our post-race catchup with Dave.