How Earshots help Sam Maffett Power On

May 31

We had the pleasure of chatting with Sam Maffett to learn more about why he loves Earshots and how he uses them in the great outdoors. 

Sam is the General Manager for Rapid Ascent Adventure Event Management based in Australia. Sam and the team at Rapid Ascent host 10-15 trail running and mountain biking events per year. Their events are designed to be appropriate for people of all abilities - with a huge emphasis on encouraging people to get out into the beautiful wilderness. 

“We love that we get to encourage newcomers and first-timers to get involved in outdoor adventures. We have extensive information on our website and we often host free training days to just get people out there. With kids events too - Rapid Ascent has something for the whole family,” Sam explains. 

Sam’s love for the great outdoors stems from his childhood. He was always very active as a kid, participating in cubs and scouts and later went on to do more serious outdoor recreation at University. So it was no surprise when he founded Rapid Ascent, alongside John Jacoby. 

Whilst he might be a bit too busy to compete at Rapid Ascent’s events, Sam still manages to schedule in time to compete in many ultra distance running and biking events. With the amount of time he spends outside, Sam wanted to find some outdoor earbuds that would withstand his intensive training regimes. 

“It was nice to get rid of the cable,” Sam laughs. Before Earshots bluetooth earbuds, Sam was repping your typical white-lead earphones. With excellent sound quality and astounding battery life, Sam is stoked to have a pair of outdoor earbuds that keep up with him and his busy lifestyle. 

Podcasts are usually blasting through Sam’s Earshots, “they’re a great way to pass the time when you’re out running for 4-5 hours.” Sam’s top three podcasts that keep him going are: 

  1. Outside Online Podcast 
  2. Finding Mastery Podcast 
  3. The Howie Games Podcast   

 Possibly Sam’s favourite feature, one we can’t say we’ve heard before, is the “Power On” voice when he turns on his Earshots. “It just makes me smile everytime I connect, it’s just such a badass voice, and when I hear it, I’m ready to go.”