Sam Fox goes green and gold

March 22

Congratulations to Sam Fox, not only is he the newly crowed Australian National XCO (cross country) and XCC (short track) champion, he is also our newest earSHOTS athlete.
After a long 8 years of battling for the National title and the green and gold jersey, Sam’s hard work and dedication finally paid off. A string of third place finishes led to second place in 2020 and he was hungrier then ever to get on the top spot, dedicating the last 12 months to achieve his goal. He managed to push his way to the front on the first lap and get a slight gap. Careful, tactical descending, to avoid crashing and powering up the climbs saw Sam keep and extend his lead throughout the race, to take the long awaited win.
Working in a local bike shop in Tasmania and coaching other athletes, Sam is able to keep his skills sharp and his bike freshly tuned, all while training for the big race. Focusing on nutrition and recovery, he was able to optimise his performance, all still having fun and enjoying being on the bike with his earSHOTS bluetooth headphones. As we reach out across the ditch to our fellow Australian riders and runners, Sam’s hard working attitude and enthusiasm pair well with earSHOTS, as earSHOTS founder James knows all too well the time and dedication needed to create the best bluetooth sport headphones.


Sam clocks up a fair amount of time on the bike and the self charging case means earSHOTS are always good to go. The self charging case is also perfect for travel, reducing the tangle of cables needed for a weekend away and knowing your earSHOTS are safe and secure. earSHOTS unique magnetic ear clip technology allows Sam to listen in solo mode when on the road, with the spare earSHOT clipped to his bars, before going full noise for the single track.


There is no rest for the National Champ, with Sam taking the win in the Dragon Trail 3 day stage race the following weekend, with fellow earSHOTS athlete Jon Odams taking third. Well done lads!