Introducing the Earshots product development crew

May 11

So, we thought we would show you behind the scenes on the team that's working on Earshots...

Earshots is a team of passionate sport and outdoor lovers, who also love sound and want to make the best experience possible. 

James Bell-Booth - Founder and Inventor MagFit

James knows one thing really well; how to MagFit the best headphone design on the planet.  From his passion as a trail runner and mountain biker, he has taught himself how to be a product developer in an effort to make the best sport headphones ever.

Simon Weston - Acoustic (sound quality) and production engineering

Simon has a Masters of Acoustics and Vibration from the University of Auckland, the best University in New Zealand in this field.  After finishing his studies, Simon went on to work in China for 15 years, doing development and manufacturing work of headphones.  He now resides in Japan where he completes all of the acoustic design for Earshots.  Simon joint Earshots with the Gen2 programme and is the core reason why the sound quality for Gen2 was so dramatically improved from Gen1. 

Simon is focused on taking the acoustic experience for Gen3 up to a whole new level.  Simon is highly skilled in the areas of acoustics (sound physics), ANC.  Simon has seen all the fads of headphones come and go and we will share more about this as we progress through the Gen3 programme. 

Some more on Simon:

Audio product development alliance 

Audio measurement with Simon Weston

Thomas Mackisack - Product design and development

Tom is a graduate from New Zealand's best design school, Massey University in Wellington New Zealand.  Tom combines his passion for running with his outstanding skillset in designing ground breaking products. 

Tom has set up Earshots design lab and In 2022 he was awarded both the James Dyson Award and the Reddot Design Award. 

Some more on Tom:

Dyson Award press 

 We will introduce the rest of the Earshots crew over the coming months. 


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