Loud and clear: Earshots charge case

September 16

Thanks to all those who completed our survey.  We heard loud and clear what is wanted and we are stoked to say that we are already part way down the road to achieving some of it.  The key out takes are;

Make the charge case smaller

It was universally loved that the Earshots charge case holds a whole lot of battery and doesn't need to be plugged in to charge all the time.  We love this too and so we will keep this in Gen3 BUT we have already figured out how we can make it smaller.  

Keep the same amount of stored charge

Everyone loves how much battery is in the case...our goal will be to do our best to keep that, while making the case a lot smaller.

Tell us how much charge there is in the charge case

In our Gen2 case we added a really simple, easy to use mechanism for checking how much charge is in the charge case.  Feedback from the survey suggested we needed to go to the next level on this and provide further granularity in how much charge and make it REALLY obvious when you needed to charge the case.  

Tell us how much charge is in the earbuds

Assessing how much battery is in a wireless set of headphones is generally done via the smart phone.  However, from the feedback you gave in the survey you would like this done more easily.  We are thinking as soon as you open the case, you should know whether the earbuds are fully charged.

Make the case more easily visible so we can see it when its at the bottom of a bag

We asked where you keep the case and a lot of people said in their gym/riding bag.  But one of the key feedback's was the case is really hard to see at the bottom of a bag.  The suggestion was can we make it more colourful or easily identifiable...leave this with us, we have tonnes of ideas.

Some other ideas we loved from our community:

  • Can we use the charge case to charge other devices
  • Can we plug in the Earshots into the charge case or a charger so we can have extended use...eg watching movies/gaming or endurance running/riding where we need over 10 hours of use 

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