Your FAQs from the Gen3 design survey

November 15

Thanks to all those who particapated in the design concept survey we recently did.  The team wanted to address a couple of questions/themes in people's responses:

Clear winner was concept 3

It was clear from your feedback that the winning concept was 3.  We also saw there was some consensus from the community on some ideas from concept 1 and 2 being beneficial so we will be looking to integrate those in the design.

Multi-size earbuds

Gen3 will be using a system that allows for different ear sizes BUT, they are not tips in the traditional sense.  They will be used primary as cushioning the ear canal and creating a light seal around the edge of the ear canal for improved audio quality and optional noise cancellation.  Our MagFit design means that Earshots grip to the back of the ear.  Even with the tips we will provide, you WILL NOT need to jam them into your ear canal.  They will act as a cushioning extension.

Wrapping over the ear

A number of people asked about the part that wraps around the ear.  Our goal is to continue to make this thinner and to have more ability to custom wrap around your own ear shape.   We know that making Earshots work with sunglasses is really important so will be taking this into account. 


This is an area that a number of you are asking about.  We are investing significant time in ensuring our durability continues to improve.  Our goal with Gen3 is to reach IPX67 at a minimum.  Alongside we want to provide a best warranty on a sport headphone ever...3 years!! This requires us stepping up the game in our quality assurance engineering which we are focused on.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.   Keep an eye out as things are going to start ramping up here over the next month.



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