Video: Audio Q&A with Simon

July 03

Thanks to those who submitted questions for Simon in this Q&A.  Here is the video and excuse the editing, we aren't professionals in that area:-). There is a list of questions below the video with associated time indicators so you can skip to questions you are most interested in. 


Brief intro from James - 00:06

Simon Weston background - 03:43

Earshots high level audio development approach - 04:47

Brad (NZ) - How does noise cancellation work at a high level, in laymen's terms? - 06:10

Hayden (NZ) - Is noise cancellation possible in Earshots? 14:30

Hayden (NZ) - The beeping system on the current Gen2 Earshots can be confusing, can this be improved? 14:53

Hayden (NZ) - Can you provide an updatable firmware? 16:37

Hayden (NZ) - Can you support Bluetooth 5.2? 18:10

Jasiah (NSW) - Will we be using an app to create an app and build custom audio profiles? 20:27

Mike (NZ) How come when using Earshots I can hear clear noises from my bike? 22:55

Nick (NZ) - What specific improvements did you make, to make such an improvement from Gen1 to Gen2? 24:55

Nick (NZ) - What constraints are you designing within when designing the Earshots acoustics? 26:26

Nick (NZ) - What design challenges remain for you to solve in Earshots? 27:57

 Lisa (NZ) - The case has been cumbersome, can you talk about the design plans you have for the case and what special features it might have? 29:30

 Lisa (NZ) - Can you explain in a little bit of detail how the connectivity between different devices works e.g. iPhones, Windows PC and other smart devices? 31:37

Michael (UK) - Is it possible to reduce wind noise and allow ambient sounds to be heard? 34:50

Michael (UK) -  What's the most difficult design decision you face with the new version of Earshots? 38:36

Andrew (Canberra) - How do we assess optimal fit and security? 40:15

Andrew (Canberra) - What do you see as the major focus in future headphones? 41:53

Honey (NZ) - How does a sealed earbud with a tip support a different/better audio experience to a 'hard' earbud like the Gen2 Earshots? 45:50 

Honey (NZ) - How about volume and the potential for hearing damage? 56:15

Phil (Adelaide) - I see some users would prefer more bass, this would not be my preference due to my hearing.  Have you considered a tool to allow people to adjust their own EQ?  1:00:11

Richard (NZ)  - How does Apple's spatial audio work? 1:07:20

Richard (NZ) - How do we create great sound for MICs when it's not in front of the mouth? 1:09:19

Got an idea for a Q&A with Earshots team regarding the lead up to Gen3?  Email with your ideas and we will try and make it happen. 

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