Loud & clear

June 12

Thanks to all who took part in our recent survey. We learnt a tonne from what you all had to say about what will make the greatest sport headphones ever. We wanted to share it with you so you know exactly what our community had to say about where Earshots should focus.

Here is the inside word on what we learnt... (excuse some of the graph image resolution)

The number 1 attribute people seek in their sport headphones is secure fit and comfort.

Both Earshots users and non-users say the same thing, secure fit and comfort is the number 1 attribute they want done right in their sport headphones.  This is exactly why we invented our MagFit technology.  This is closely followed by great sound and good durability.  Check out the full list of what respondents said about the most important features below.  

Almost everyone's (except Earshots users) headphones are falling out during activity

If people haven't yet purchased Earshots, they are living with headphones falling out and requiring constant adjustment (distraction) while undertaking their activities.


The top 5 customer requests we are working on in Gen3

We heard loud and clear the top 5 areas our customers want to see enhanced.  Those were:

  • Volume controls on the Earshots
  • Multiple earbud size options to fit different ear sizes
  • Reduced size of the overall product, particularly the rear 
  • Improved wind noise reduction
  • Improve MagFit comfort
  • Active noise cancellation 

This gives you an idea of what enhancements our energy is going in to.  But we aren't looking at just the above list we are also going to improve a number of other aspects of Earshots as well.  Below you can see the full breakdown of what Earshots customers want to see improved.

 Our community is using their Earshots A LOT...thanks for the support!

In our survey we asked customers how often they use their Earshots...85% of Earshots owners are using their Earshots 2-4 times or more per week. 

    Mountain biking, trail running and road running are the main uses people use Earshots...BUT there is a whole lot more activities people use Earshots for

    We were stoked to see just the wide range of uses our community is using Earshots for!  Goes to show how many activities people are seeking to us MagFit to enhance their audio experience. 

    Bluesky ideas from our community

    We love the ideas our community comes up with for how we could take their audio experience to the next level.  In the survey we asked people to let us know what magical thing we could do for them...here are our favourites:

    • Group live chat so we can talk to each other while riding
    • Be my coach for running...a virtual coach in your ear on every run would be epic!
    • Have a smart listening mode, so when the Earshots hear noises I need to be aware of, you auto-turn the volume down e.g. when a car is coming down the road the volume turns down, or gives me an alert.
    • Auto-sense when they are on the ear
    • The Earshots crew favourite...Predict the lotto numbers! 

    We are super pumped to share more in coming weeks on each individual area we are working on with Gen3.  Keep an eye out.


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