Backing local mountain bike clubs

October 07

At earSHOTS we are super keen to back local mountain bike clubs in their efforts to grow participation in the sport we all love.

In July & August this year we partnered with the crew at the New Plymouth Mountain Bike club as a way to provide them some well needed cash so they can grow their impact.  New Plymouth, or Taranaki, has a great club and a great trail network which predominantly centres around the Lake Mangamahoe region.  The centre point of the Taranaki region in New Zealand is the majestic Mt Taranaki, pictured below. 


To do this when a rider from the New Plymouth club purchased earSHOTS, we gave 20% of the purchase price back to the club as a donation.  

Big ups to Laura Johnstone who drove this from the club end.

We are stoked to see other clubs keen to work with us on supporting their grass roots riding.