Customer review: Steve Wilkes & Son

August 11

When we launched earSHOTS Bluetooth Headphones in April 2020, we had a rider from Blenheim contact us about some earSHOTS Bluetooth Headphones for his son.  His words were 'If my son is into them, I might just get some myself.'  

Fast forward four months, a Covid pandemic and a lock down...our founder James was stoked to get an email out of the blue that read:

"Right then James - the boy raves about Them so I will order a set myself."

It was one line...but the stoke was real.

Steve and his son ride all the time in the Blenheim area of New Zealand and other day he was kind enough to send us some shots of him and his son with their earSHOTS on.  Steve's customer review is pretty straight forward:

"Have ordered them mate and are spreading the word.  Value for $$ they rule.  Friends have Bose headphones at truckloads of $$ and no where near as practical."

Music to our ears.