Customer review: Cara Brown, New Zealand

April 14

This is a heck of a customer review to demonstrate the difference between earSHOTS Bluetooth Headphones and 'other' anything with a non-active ear attachment.

Cara is a charger, she mountain bikes, runs and throws down in bootcamp style exercise.  She got linked to us on Instagram after posting a picture (see below) of her existing headphones (not earSHOTS) having smashed to pieces after falling off while running. 

The picture above is a classic for what we call 'passive ear attachment'.  Passive ear attachment is where a headphone uses pressure created by having the earbud press into the ear canal and into the back of the concha.  However, the physics of this is only ever really going to be forcing the earbud out of your ear.  Here is an image where Cara used duct tape to try and fix it...

So after purchasing earSHOTS Bluetooth Headphones, this is what she said: 

“I love my earSHOTS.  Riding, running, burpees, handstands, they NEVER move.  Amazing service as well!"

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