September 04

In late August we received our first batch of Earshots to make available to people who have registered their interest in this totally new audio experience for athletes.

We also launched our tagline; BLOOD, SWEAT & SOUND. These three words mean a lot to us and here is why:

  • It has been a five year journey for us to get our revolutionary Earshots to the market. Along the way, we have had to dig deep and never give up…the BLOOD & SWEAT. But rather than tears, what has kept us going is the SOUND…music but also, every time we felt down, we would put on our Earshots, hit the trail, the gym, the boxing ring, the field, and the sound experience would remind us why we were doing it. To re-define the audio experience for athletes

  • All our customers out there, the athletes pushing themselves, they will unite with us in our joint mission and journey of the blood, sweat and sound that it takes to achieve goals in the endeavours we are pursuing

Stay in touch, the next part of our journey is going to go off!