Mates making time for adventure

June 26

Jeweler Sam Drummond and a crew of five guys from all different walks of life, leave the house every Saturday morning to run. For anywhere between 20-40kms. Most people think this is a crazy hour, but for them it keeps them grounded. The city is dark at 5am, the air is crisp and fingers are numb trying to tie the laces on well-worn sneakers. But they do it, because of the profound sense of clarity they experience from getting out and running. Together. A form of meditation, ‘clearing out the cobwebs’, or as Sam would say ‘it gets me out of my head’.
Its no secret running impacts positively on the brain. Studies have recorded a positive link between exercise and an increased blood flow, to the frontal executive network system of the brain. This area is associated with many of the attributes we link with ‘clear thinking’, such as concentration, time management and planning. This area is also known to be linked to emotion regulation.