What a WHAKA 100!

October 26

This weekend the earSHOTS Crew went ALL IN on making the WHAKA 100 the best it could be.   This was one of the first major riding and running events in New Zealand since Covid lock downs and we wanted to play our part in making it a memorable experience, and a reminder of the how great it is to get out and enjoy the backyard. 

Set in one of the Mecca trail networks in Australasia, Rotorua, home to New Zealand's leg of Crankworx.  The event organisers put together an amazing network of trails for both runners and riders to enjoy the amazing place it is.  

To play our role, the earSHOTS crew and riders came up with heaps of ideas and threw everything at it.  Those ideas were:

Idea 1: Invite Blenki (Sam Blenkinsop, Norco downhill team rider) to hang out with us and all the attendees! 

Pictured above; Sam signs the forehead of a die hard fan

Idea 2: Have earSHOTS on our stand so riders and runners can see them in the flesh!

Pictured above; earSHOTS on display

Idea 3: Convince Lynette Deacon, an earSHOTS rider & charger from Rotorua to come hang out as well and shred some trails with Sam and the crew

Pictured above, from the left: Lynette, Liam (our resident content genius) and Sam

Idea 4:  Get Sam to lead out on the kids race to inspire the next generation to charge and enjoy the outdoors

Sam heading in the starting pack of the kids race at the Whaka 100

Idea 5: Give away some earSHOTS as spot prizes!

Winners of the earSHOTS spot prizes

There were a few other things that went down while we were at the Whaka 100, but we will be keeping a lid on those until a later date...but keep an eye out!