Clean and store your earSHOTS

Learn how to clean, store and care for your earSHOTS.

Clean your earSHOTS

  • Never wear earSHOTS if the red earbud appears dirty
  • Use a dry cleaning cloth to wipe away dust and oil. Don't use aerosol sprays, solvents or abrasives
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt.  Don't use a damp cloth on the ear cups or ear cup mesh - use a dry cleaning cloth instead.

Take care of your earSHOTS

  • Avoid exposing your earSHOTS to liquids or high humidity
  • When placing your earSHOTS in the charger, gently place them into the cavities provided for each L and R earSHOT.  You may need to lightly wiggle them until you see the lights on both earSHOTS glow red, indicating they are correctly placed in the charger
  • To disconnect your earSHOTS charging case from the cord, grasp the plug and pull.  Never pull on the cable itself.

Store your earSHOTS

  • Store your earSHOTS in the protective case that's provided
  • Don't store other items in the case
  • Store your earSHOTS in a clean, dry place.  Avoid storing them in direct sunlight or in extreme heat or cold

Tips to avoid skin irritation

  • Here's how to avoid skin irritation, especially if you have allergies or skin sensitivities:
    • Wear your earSHOTS with the right fit - see our Instructions and Fit guides
  • After use, or after exposure to liquids such as sweat, soap, shampoo, makeup, sunscreen and lotions that can potential cause skin irritation, clean and dry your earSHOTS.  Keeping your earSHOTS - as well as your skin - clean and dry will maximise comfort and prevent long-term damage to your earSHOTS
  • If you have known allergies or sensitivities to certain substances and you react to wearing earSHOTS, please stop immediately