Our Technology

Our Technology

Magnetic Ear Clip

Designed in response to the massive frustration caused  by headphones that fall out, dislodge and distract during the tough climbs, fastest descents and biggest back flips.

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Flexi-fit comfort

earSHOTS Magnetic Ear Clip allows the use of flexible materials to mould to the shape and size of your ears and the curvature of your head. 

Next generation ergonomics

The Magnetic Ear Clip creates a blank canvas for redesigning headphone ergonomics.  earSHOTS were initially hand crafted to ensure the curves and bends moulded seamlessly on the ear and head. 

Layers of cushioning

Five years of research & development have perfected the layered cushioning system that sits between the ear and the Magnetic Ear Clip. 

Layers of cushioning
Zero waste design

earSHOTS Magnetic Ear Clip means there is ZERO unnecessary parts included in the product.  We estimate that other sport headphone designs are creating 150 million pieces of plastic that end up in our environment.

Ambient noise balancing

Our earbud design allows ambient noise to keep riders and runners aware of what's around them.