The Backstory

earSHOTS was founded to do one thing... let runners and riders take their love of sound to the most extreme places of their performance...from their fastest descent, to their biggest back flip. To achieve this we make the best headphones in the world for the trail and adventure.

earSHOTS Backstory; In the beautiful Tongariro National Park of New Zealand, there is an adventure race called the T42, held in the Spring of every year. It was in training for this race that our founder James Bell-Booth, got fed up with his headphones. They fell off, got dislodged, and constantly needed re-adjusting. This resulted in frustration and distraction. So James came up with the idea of a new headphone design that would use magnets to attach to his ears. A design that you would fix to your ear and forget.

Like all great gear, the first earSHOTS were hand crafted and moulded to get the design just right.  From starting with hand moulding magnets to an iPod shuffle, earSHOTS now ship around the world.